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Do as much or as little as you like. The landscape and activities available in our area are extraordinary and varied. There are things to keep you totally busy or you can practice the fine art of doing nothing at all. Here is a short list of our most popular activities:

- Surfing
- Bocce Ball
- Fishing
- Snorkeling
- Table Tennis
- Jungle or Beach Volleyball
- Poker
- Board Games
- Movies
- Satellite TV with Big Screen TV
- Karaoke
- Picnic
- Visit a Local Village
- Yoga (No instructor on site)
- Jungle Cruise
- Cultural Tours

Your time on Kandui is your own, whether you’re surfing, snorkeling, fishing, lounging, visiting local villages, or participating in one of our unique cultural tours – there is something for everyone. Couples can reserve a beach for the day and enjoy a romantic picnic together. Relax, read a book, play in the warm, inviting equatorial waters, this area is beautiful – enjoy it!