You will be hard pressed to find a better location for families and a better family host than our resort manager Ray Wilcoxen and his family of 6. Our zone directly in front is a grommet’s surf dream with 2 of the most grom-friendly waves in Indonesia.

There's also endless trails to check out around the resort and one of the few places left on earth where kids can run free without a worry in the world. Ray and his families love when families visit and it’s always epic to watch Ray’s kids show guest’s kids the ins and outs of the Mentawais from a grommet's perspective. There's plenty of non-surfing and cultural activities to keep the surfers and non-surfers alike entertained.

We only charge kids our basic cost and also are half price for Roundtrip Transfers and Photo/Video Packages.  See our What's Included for the full breakdown of what's included and what's not included during a 10/11 day trip to Kandui Resort. 
*The below pricing for kids 6 and under is based on the assumption of a family (Father and Mother) visiting Kandui Resort. If only one parent is visiting, there will be a $995 US fee per child for kids 6 and under.
*The below pricing is based off a 10 or 11 day trip. If you are visiting for a 14 day trip, the pricing will be prorated for a 14 day stay.