Kandui Resort is one of the most remote locations on planet earth and arranging the travel logistics can be a daunting task for even the seasoned traveler. After almost 2 decades in business, we strongly feel we have more experience than virtually anyone and have also partnered with travel agents around the world to help make your trip as smooth and easy as possible.

Scroll through the below tabs for a sample itinerary, the best transfer option available to the Mentawais, travel insurance and everything related to your journey to Kandui Resort.

Example Itinerary

Wednesday, May 5th

Singapore Airlines, LAX to Singapore

Depart LAX at 1125pm, Wednesday May 5, arriving to Singapore at 0735am, Friday, May 7. Please make sure you check in 3 hours prior to your international flight departure. Your Singapore Airlines baggage allotment is 2-50lb bags and your surfboard baggage is counted towards your allotment. Please make sure your baggage is checked through to Jakarta. After arriving at 0735am, you have 1 hour and 50 minutes to make your 0925am connecting Singapore Air Flight to Jakarta. Once you exit the plane, go to the information desk to confirm what terminal your 0925am Singapore Air flight departs from.


Your baggage will be checked directly from LAX all the way to Jakarta, so you will not need to pick it up in Singapore.

friday, May 7th

Singapore Airlines to Jakarta, Indonesia

Depart Singapore at 0925am arriving to Jakarta, Indonesia at 1010am, May 7.

friday, May 7th

Arrival to Jakarta, Indonesia

Once you exit your Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore, you will need to obtain your on-arrival tourist visa. You have the choice of a Free Visa (if you’re staying less than 30 days in Indonesia) or a $35 US Visa (extendable). Some countries require an approved Visa prior to arrival and please check directly with Kandui Resort Management or your country’s embassy. Once you have your Visa, go to the information desk to confirm what terminal your Garuda Air 200pm flight departs from. Best to do this prior to collecting your baggage (there should be a info desk once you exit the plane). Once you collect your baggage and depending on what terminal your Garuda Airlines flight is departing from, you will either need to take the train or a bus to your connecting terminal or your flight may be in the same terminal your Singapore Air flight arrived to (the information desk will relay this info to you once you clear customs) .


Your Garuda Airlines ticket may already have what terminal the flight is departing from, but best to confirm it with the information desk since flights change constantly in this part of the world. Customs may try to convince you to get the paid Visa, but politely say you're staying less than 30 days and want the free Visa.

friday, May 7th

Garuda Airlines Jakarta to Padang, Indonesia

Depart Jakarta, Indonesia at 200pm arriving to Padang, Indonesia at 355pm. Your Garuda Airlines baggage allotment is 2-50lb bags and your surfboard baggage is counted towards your allotment. Once you collect your baggage and exit the Padang airport terminal, look for the Kandui Resort Team (just look for the Kandui Resort shirts). From there, our team will help and guide you to our transport vehicles and take you to the hotel that either our travel partners or Kandui Resort Management has reserved for you. Your hotel reservation will be under your name and the balance can be taken care of with Visa, MasterCard or Indonesian Rupiah (please make sure to let your CC/Bank know your are traveling to Indonesia so they do not block your CC charge). Each hotel has a restaurant and bar to relax for the remainder of the day.


If you have multiple bags and need help, there are porters available to help. They can be a bit aggressive but best to tell them you need one person to help you. They will grab your bags and carry them to our transport and best to have $3 US as tip ready to go. Also, resist the urge to eat outside of the hotel. The food in Padang is different than what most westerners are used to and the wrong meal will ruin your holiday.

Saturday, May 8th

Transfer from Padang to Kandui Resort, Indonesia

Please come down to the lobby and restaurant area at 0600am where our team will be waiting. They will handle your baggage while you enjoy breakfast. At 645am, meet back in the lobby where our team will be waiting and show you to our transport vehicles waiting to deliver you to the Mentawai Fast Ferry transfer boat. The Mentawai Fast Ferry will depart at 0730am from the harbor and arrive directly in front of Kandui Resort around 1030am. Our team will be waiting with our boats to transfer you to the island where our management team will be waiting. Lunch will be ready shortly after and our team will walk you through what to expect during your holiday.


Arriving and departing guests both take the same Mentawai Fast Ferry transfer boat so once you arrive on the island, things will be a little chaotic with 18 people arriving and 18 people departing. Please bare with Kandui Resort Management and we’ll do our best to get you into your Uma and out into the surf!

Saturday, May 8th - Tuesday, May 18

Surf the Waves of your Life

Enjoy your time on the island!

Tuesday, May 18

Transfer from Kandui Resort to Padang, Indonesia

Please have your baggage packed and ready on the front porch of your Uma by 1100am. Our team will pick it up shortly after and ensure it makes it to the Mentawai Fast Ferry transfer boat. Lunch is served at 1130am and shortly after our resort boats will transfer you to the Mentawai Fast Ferry. The Mentawai Fast will depart around 130pm arriving back to Padang around 430pm. Our team will be waiting for your arrival, handle all of your baggage and direct you to our transport vehicles. You will be transported directly to the airport to connect with your 740pm Garuda Air flight to Jakarta, Indonesia.


Please do not help with your baggage. Kandui Resort has a process to ensure your bags make it to the boat, back to the mainland and safely to the airport.

Tuesday, May 18

Garuda Airlines Padang to Jakarta, Indonesia

Depart Padang, Indonesia at 740pm arriving to Jakarta, Indonesia at 935pm. Your Garuda Airlines baggage allotment is 2-50lb bags and your surfboard baggage is counted towards your allotment. Your flight will arrive at 935pm and once you exit to plane, grab your baggage and exit the airport terminal. Once outside, look for the bus/shuttle area (you may need to ask where it is but it's located just outside of the terminal) for the Jakarta Airport Hotel Shuttle. The Jakarta Airport Hotel is aware of your reservation and the shuttle should be waiting or arriving shortly. Your hotel reservation will be under your name and the balance can be taken care of with Visa, MasterCard or Indonesian Rupiah.


The Jakarta Airport Hotel is within walking distance from your Terminal but is much easier to take the Hotel Shuttle. If the Hotel Shuttle is not waiting once you exit the terminal, please be patient and it will return shortly.

wednesday, May 19

Singapore Airlines Jakarta to Singapore, Indonesia

Please come down to the lobby 645am to enjoy breakfast and also schedule the Jakarta Airport Hotel Shuttle to the International Terminal to arrive at 745am. Depart Jakarta at 1115am and arrive to Singapore at 205pm. Your Singapore Airlines baggage allotment is 2-50lb bags and your surfboard baggage is counted towards your allotment. Please make sure your baggage is checked through to Los Angeles. Your flight arrives at 205pm and your connecting Singapore Air Flight to LAX departs at 8pm. Once you exit the plane, go to the information desk to confirm what terminal your 8pm Singapore Air flight departs from and ask where the food court is to enjoy lunch.


Your baggage will be checked directly from Jakarta all the way to LAX, so you will not need to pick it up in Singapore.

wednesday, May 19

Arrival to Los Angeles (LAX)

You will arrive to LAX at 855pm and you will need to clear customs. Once you have cleared customs, grab your baggage and you're on your way home or to a connecting flight.  


You cross the international timeline when you fly back to LAX. So you depart Singapore on Wednesday, May 19 but also arrive to LAX on Wednesday, May 19.

safety and comfort

After almost 2 decades of business, our #1 complaint has been the 90-mile transfer from Padang, Indonesia to Kandui Resort, Mentawai. We have tried everything possible, planes, charter boats, ferries and even sea planes, but nothing has solved the problem. In 2017, we partnered with the Mentawai Fast Ferry.  The Mentawai Fast is an 80-foot transfer boat that was specifically created for transport from Padang to the Mentawai.  Kandui Resort rents it exclusively for our guests and makes the 90-mile transfer in 3 hours flat.  It’s a game changer for transport with 200 plus seats for our guests, A/C, TVs, free drinks, bathrooms and the smoothest ride you will find in Indonesia.

The Kandui Resort Mentawai Fast departs on our scheduled transfer days at 730am from Padang and arrives to the resort at 1030am. The boat then departs Kandui Resort at 130pm arriving back to Padang at 430pm the same day. All guests need to arrive to Padang the day prior to departure to the island and spend the night. The Mentawai Fast departs very early on transfer day and there are no flights that arrive on transfer day to make the Mentawai Fast Ferry. Kandui Resort management can arrange your hotel reservation and we recommend the Mercure Hotel. The Mercure Hotel is a 4-star hotel located directly next to the harbor that the Kandui Resort Mentawai Fast departs from. Please do not book any flights before 630pm on the day returning to Padang from Kandui Resort due to the Mentawai Fast arriving at 430pm.
*If you are visiting Kandui Resort during our Shoulder Season (October – March), the Mentawai Fast return arrival time to Padang may vary.  Please contact us prior to booking your airfare.*

There is a $295 roundtrip transfer fee for all Kandui Resort guests.


Kandui Resort takes pride in being the only resort in the Mentawais that hosts a medical professional on-site for each one of our scheduled trips. The Mentawai Islands is one of the most remote locations on earth and our Medical Professional is on standby at all times to address our guest's medical needs. Kandui Resort also has an onsite medical room up to date with antibiotics, wound care and all the basic western medical supplies. While Kandui Resort has a supply of medical equipment and medicine, we strongly recommend that each guest brings their own medicine to ensure they have what they personally need.
See below for some of the medical items our Medical Team suggest you bring for your trip.

-Ibuprofen (Advil)
-Antibiotics for bacterial infections.
-Pain Medication.
-Neosporin or anti-bacterial cream.
-Anti Nausea.
-Anti Diarrheal.
-Motion Sickness (Non-Drowsy)
-Bandaids or basic bandages for minor reef cuts.


Travel Insurance is mandatory for a Kandui Resort Trip. A typical travel insurance policy will provide coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage delay/coverage, travel delay, emergency medical, emergency evacuation and travel accident. Kandui Resort is a very remote location and something as simple medical evacuation can cost over $10,000 US. Your safety is our biggest concern and Travel Insurance is 100% mandatory for each guest. A standard travel insurance will not only protect you medically but will allow offer financial protection in case of an unexpected accident or delay in your trip. Please contact us and we'll put you in touch with our travel partners to book a specific Kandui Resort Travel Insurance Policy.


We strongly recommend that you visit with your Primary Care Physician before your trip to discuss the risk of Malaria and other tropical diseases in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. While legally, we need to advise you to listen to your Primary Care Physician, Kandui Resort Employees do not take any type of preventative Malaria Medication. The side effects of the preventative meds can be quite heavy and after almost 2 decades of business, we've had one case of Vivax Malaria. While there is Malaria in SE Asia, Kandui Resort Management and our Medical Team feel our area is safe enough that we recommend our employees not take the preventative meds. If anyone has any questions, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with our Head Resort Doctor to address your concerns.


Kandui Resort is a very remote location and making sure you have everything you need for your trip is the upmost importance.
Below is a general guide for what we recommend for your trip.

  • Clothing ESSENTIAls
    • Boardshorts (2)
    • Surf Shirt (2)
    • Reef Booties (1)
    • Rain Jacket (1)
    • Surf Undershorts (1)
    • Sun Glasses (1)
    • Sun Block (1)
    • Surf Hat (1)
  • Surf Supplies
  • Fin Set (2)
  • Fin Keys (2)
  • Leash (2)
  • Leash Strings (2)
  • Tropical Surf Wax (3)
  • Wax Comb (1)
  • Ding Repair Kit (1)
  • Helmet (1)
  • Medical Essentials
  • Ibuprofen (Advil)
  • Antibiotics for bacterial infections.
  • Pain Medication.
  • Neosporin or antibacterial cream.
  • Anti Nausea.
  • Anti Diarrheal.
  • Motion Sickness (NonDrowsy)
  • Bandaids or Bandages for minor reef cuts

Surf Etiquette

With the surfing world becoming more and more popular, it's becoming harder and harder to find a quality surfing location left in the world where surfing is still fun. Kandui Resort is one of these locations. Everyone that works and lives in our direct area has a vested interest in keeping things the same they have always been. While not everyone acts the way we hope, Kandui Resort does try to set an example on how to behave in the lineups.

Below are some of the general guidelines to ensure everyone has the trip of their lives.

1. Wait Your Turn.
One of the most difficult thing you can do on a trip to the Mentawais is wait your turn! With all the travel, time and logistics to get here, you will not see a higher level of froth than arriving Mentawai surfers. With few places left like the Mentawais, it's important to remember that you will be here at least 10 days, there's waves every day and waiting your turn ensures that everyone gets better waves over a longer period of time.

2. Arriving to a Surf Spot.
Nothing is worse than 10 surfers paddling straight out to a lineup, nothing. In the Mentawais, a good surf guide will send their surfers out in 2-3 at a time in 5-10 minute intervals. Sending out surfers like this sets a great vibe in the lineup and makes the difference between a good and bad session. The Mentawais are a very happy place so don't be afraid to hi to strangers and introduce yourself. Always remember that we're all visitors and we're all here for the same reason.

3. Let it Go.
Do not drop in, cave in a lip, foam ball a lip on someone under any condition. You are visiting one of the most remote locations on earth and aside from our on-site Medical Professional, you are at least 18 hours plus from proper medical care. After almost 2 decades in the Mentawais, we've seen our share of injuries and seeing someone get injured from something preventable is something we all strive to avoid.

4. Confrontation.
If someone is misbehaving in the lineup or putting others at risk, please always try to tell your surf guide or management of the resort. If your guide/manager is not available, always confront this person in a friendly, understanding manner. Most people are reasonable and when approached in a reasonable manner, they respond in a reasonable manner. Do not ever put your hands on another person in the Mentawais. Violence is extremely frowned upon in this part of Indonesia and you will be evicted from the resort. Remember that you are a visitor to a different country with different laws and something as simple as a punch can land you in jail for months.


Kandui Resort takes pride in having the best surf guides in the Mentawais. Most of our surf guides have been with us for over half of our existence! Our guides are not only knowledgeable with our area for waves, but are extremely friendly and are here to ensure you have the best possible experience. Our guides are hand chosen by All Day Ray and are your gateway to finding the best possible surf in this world.

Below is a basic breakdown of what guests can expect while staying at Kandui Resort.

1. Priority.

Guides are here to put you on the waves of your life, not take them from you. Everyone has been to a resort where the surf guide takes all the good waves and takes away from your experience at the resort. You will not find this type of mentality at Kandui Resort. Guests have been and will always be #1 and our guides always yield to them in the lineup. Our guides are here to help and guests should always feel that every wave is available to them at any time.

2. Knowledge.

Guides will let you know the general time when boats depart, forecasts, where to sit in the lineup, hazards to watch for and are available at any time.

3. Questions.

Guides are your gateway into the Kandui Resort world. They are available at any time with questions about the surf, the resort or just anything in general. They are here to help and please feel free to ask as many questions as you need.


Are there waves that my wife and kids can enjoy? Are there waves for beginners?
The most common question we receive each week. While the Mentawais are renowned for perfect barrels, there is a big misconception that there are not waves for kids and beginners. With over 30 waves within 30 minutes of the resort, there is literally something for everyone. Kandui Resort has 2 of the most kid and beginner friendly waves (Inside 4Bobs and Karangbat Left) right in front of the resort and our resort manager, Ray Wilcoxen taught all 5 of his kids how to surf right out front.
Here's a short video that highlights waves for both beginners and grommets.
Is Kandui Resort family friendly?
You will be hard pressed to find a better location for families and a better family host than our resort manager Ray Wilcoxen and his family of 6. Our zone directly in front is a grommet’s surf dream with 2 of the most grom-friendly waves in Indonesia. There's also endless trails to check out around the resort and one of the few places left on earth where kids can run free without a worry in the world. Ray and his families love when families visit and it’s always epic to watch Ray’s kids show guest’s kids the ins and outs of the Mentawais from a grommet's perspective. There's plenty of non-surfing and cultural activities to keep the surfers and non-surfers alike entertained.
Visit our "Non-Surfing Activities" page for more details.
Are there nannies available for my kids?
Yes, we have countless mothers that work for the resort and love looking after kids. Unlike other resorts, our nanny fees are very minimal and can be arranged based off what your needs are. We appreciate you choosing Kandui Resort and don’t take advantage of that while you’re on the island.
What is the best time of the year to visit?
What type of waves are you looking for? This should be the first question any reputable surf resort should be asking any surfer looking to visit. The Northern Mentawais are unique in that there is something for everyone at different times of the year.
Visit our “Seasons” page for more details on what to expect during each month of the year.
What is the difference between Kandui Resort and Kandui Villas?
While we share the name “Kandui”, that's where the similarities end and we have zero affiliation with Kandui Villas. The easiest way to differentiate between us and any resort is to ask what is included in your price and what their annual guest return rate is. There are no hidden fees at Kandui Resort and virtually everything in included in the price you pay before you arrive. Daily boat trips are included, high speed internet is included, free Bintangs on the afternoon boat/floating dock and you will never feel taken advantage of during your stay. Our proudest feature is our 70% return rate which directly correlates to the value our guests receive staying with us.
Visit our "Why Choose Kandui Resort" page for more info on why guests return year after year.
What is the weather and climate like?
The Mentawais has some of the most incredible weather in this world. We’re located just off the equator, but remain relatively cool compared to other locations around the world (Central America, etc). The temperature ranges from 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit (24-30 degrees Celsius) and water comfortably hovers around the upper 70s Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). Our dry season is from March-October and rainy season is from Nov-Feb. We’re located on the equator so localized rain storms are common and wind and rain patterns are historically not as strong as the rest of Indonesia. This results in great weather and variable winds which is what makes the Northern Mentawais a surfer’s dream.
Visit our "Seasons" page for more info on what to expect each month of the year.
What is the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis?
While a tsunami following an earthquake is unlikely, earthquakes in the Mentawai are a reality. Kandui Resort has built a nearby bridge in case of a potential Tsunami that leads to a hill in the center of the island where there is zero risk. In almost 2 decades of business, Kandui Resort has yet to experience any type of Tsunami.  
Please visit our “Tsunami” page for more details.
Is emergency evacuation available?
Yes, we have a medical doctor on site for each scheduled trip of the year and have various options for evacuating someone in trouble.  
Travel Insurance for each guest is required.
Please visit our “Travel Insurance” page for more details.
Do I need to take Malaria preventative Medicine?
While there is Malaria in SE Asia, legally we need to advise you to listen to your primary care physician and their recommendations, but Kandui Resort employees do not take any type of preventative medicine. It's a personal decision that each guest needs to discuss with their Primary Care Physician but our Kandui Resort Medical Team feels our area is safe enough that we recommend our employees not take the preventative meds. Please visit our “Medical” page for more details.
Is the Wi-fi strong enough to work or run my business from the resort?
You’ll be hard pressed to find a more remote location than Kandui Resort and you'll be hard pressed to find a faster internet connection in all of Indonesia. Keeping in touch with your family, friends and work is the utmost importance at Kandui Resort and with 100mbs plus of bandwidth, we've taken the steps to ensure you'll never be out of touch. Whether watching WSL events, FaceTiming your family back home or Zoom Video Work Calls, no other resort comes close. Offered within our Restaurant, Game Room and every Uma, our internet is available at any time and is still 100% free.
Please visit our "Internet" page for more details.
Do you have surf lessons or coaching trips?
Yes we offer daily surf lessons and also detailed coaching trips throughout the year. Our head coach, Guto Amorim from Pro Surf Coaching has surfed in the Mentawais for the last 15 years and is our head surf guide. Please reach out to us for our current scheduled coaching trip and let us know if you’re interested improving during your trip.
Is the fishing good in the area and do you offer trips?
Despite being located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the fishing in our area is very average. Most of the fish we enjoy (Mahi, Tuna, etc) are located well offshore and out of our range. We tried for years with limited success and have pretty much let go of our fishing program. You're visiting "The Best Surfing Location on Earth" and most trips involve surfing 2-3 times a day. If you’re still interested, please email us and we’ll put you in touch with our resort manager for more details.
Do I need to exchange money and can I pay by CC?
There is no need to exchange money once you land in Padang unless you want to. Our team will take care of all of your logistics and once you arrive to the Hotel, you can pay by Visa or MC. Once on the island, we add everything you purchase (alcoholic drinks, massage, etc) to your “Island Bar Bill” which can be taken care of with Visa, MC or cash at the end of your trip. Tips can also be added to your Island Bar Bill as well. Due to the long distance from your home country, please make sure to let your Credit Card Company or Bank know you are traveling to Indonesia so your charges are not blocked due to not recognizing the activity.
Please visit our "What's Included" page for more details.
Do I need to bring power adapters?
No, we supply universal adapters in each room and the restaurant. If you need additional adapters during your stay, please see Kandui Resort management.
Do you have a gift shop?
Yes, we have a shop stocked with shirts, hats and other Kandui Resort items available for purchase. Each Kandui Resort guests receives a free shirt or free hat upon arrival.
Do I need a visa to enter Indonesia?
Yes, most countries are eligible for a Visa on Arrival. You have 2 options, a Free 30-day Visa or an $35 extendable Visa. Please visit the below link to see if your country is eligible for a Visa on Arrival and also consult your country’s embassy website to confirm the eligibility.
Countries that qualify for Free 30-day Visa on Arrival.

Can you help with Flights?Yes, our management team arguably has more experience with Indonesian flights than any other agency in this world.  Please email us anytime and we’ll offer suggestions and also put you in touch with our partners around the world.  Please visit our "Travel Itinerary" page for more details on the logistics to and from Kandui Resort.

Travel Partners

The above itinerary is only a prospective itinerary and our travel partners will find the best itinerary that fits your individual needs.  Our partners have booked thousands of flights to and from Indonesia and make the entire booking process very easy.  The logistics to and from Kandui Resort are very complex and best to let one of our travel partners handle the details.  Once you deposit for your trip, our booking mangager will put you in touch with our partners.
United States